CHAOS IN CALIFORNIA – Antifa Member Sucker Punches Trump Supporter, Instantly Regrets It

Fights Break Out At City Council Meeting

Cudahy, California- Chaos ensued following a planned city council meeting regarding becoming a sanctuary city in Cudahy, California.  Trump supporters descended onto the city hall grounds in hopes of speaking in efforts to change the direction of the vote.  When the meeting leader was a no-show, arguments and tensions occurred within the hall and then bed out to the front entrance of the building.

After shouting back and forth, one Antifa member decided to sucker punch and attack one Trump supporter.  Immediately after that a larger Trump supporter defended him and punched back at the masked communist.

The masked man, was then unmasked during the scuffle and immediately detained and arrested by police.  Another Trump supporter was also detained, but then later released without being arrested. Conservatives involved in the skirmish are now trying to dox the Antifa member involved in the fight.