CDC & FDA Officially Halt Johnson & Johnson ‘Vaccine’ Due to Dangerous Side Effects — Hundreds of Thousands Report Adverse Reaction to COVID-19 Injections

The CDC along with the FDA have officially halted the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 injection due to severe blood clots developed in patients who’ve received the jab. This comes after wide criticism of the injections and hundreds of thousands of reported adverse reactions.

After millions of Americans have received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, they are just now informing us of it’s potentially fatal dangers. Some of us have been arguing just this for months now.

The COVID-19 agenda has pushed the western world into tailspin, dominating the national conversations as it continues to destroy any economy stupid enough to stall itself over the flu. The agenda becomes more clearly recognized for what it is if you have been paying attention.

Mariam-Webster had to change the definition of “vaccine” in order to convince the general public that the experimental COVID-19 mRNA injection was in fact a so-called ‘vaccine’.

Healthcare workers have continuously fallen ill after receiving the experimental COVID-19 mRNA injection, with little to no coverage from the mainstream media.


Despite all of the warning signs and confusion coming out of Washington, or from the FDA, the CDC and the WHO, millions of Americans and Europeans continue to sign up and receive these experimental COVID-19 mRNA injections.

Even the ex-Pfizer vice-president has gone on the record to claim that these experimental mRNA injections may have a much darker purpose and that the potential dangers from these so-called ‘vaccines’ could greatly outweigh their claimed benefits.

Just in March, the official United Kingdom authority on overseeing claimed adverse reactions from these experimental injections had reported over 227 deaths and over 94,808 claims of adverse reactions and injuries, some of which are severe.

Official: UK Reports 227 Deaths & Over 94,808 Adverse Reactions Related to COVID-19 Injections — Official Numbers Among U.S. Recipients Remain Unknown

While many continue to listen to the ‘official’ authorities on the matter, while claiming all who speak out against them are frauds, injuries, illnesses and even deaths continue to climb as a direct result of these experimental mRNA COVID-19 injections.