CDC Deploys “NPC” Meme to Explain How COVID-19 Injection Recipients May Experience Side Effects

The official CDC Twitter account posted an “NPC” meme on April 6th in an attempt to mitigate potential fears of side-effects people may experience of receiving COVID-19 injection.

The irony, of course, is that the “NPC” (Non-Player Character) meme, is used to characterize individuals who simply go along with the orders from authorities without exception. “NPCs” simply do not think for themselves.

Look at the image the CDC used to explain how the experimental COVID-19 injection may cause side-effects.

and then look at the “NPC” meme below. The similarities are too uncanny to ignore.

Please familiarize yourself with the concept of “NPC” which perfectly characterizes our Democrat counter-parts:

The initialism NPC refers to non-player character, a term used in video-games for characters the player cannot control.[14] As such, a non-player character in a game is controlled by the computer, and typically interacts with the player through simple and repetitive actions, such as communicating the same sentence each time the player approaches the NPC. As such, NPCs have “no internality, agency, or capacity for critical thought”,[8] they rely on scripted lines[4][15] and do not think by themselves.[2] Following the analogy of non-player characters, the NPC meme is used to mock individuals the maker perceives as lacking those attributes, generally political opponents. The NPC responds using simple dialogue resembling video game NPCs, with no capability for discussion.[6] Due to NPC memes’ greater popularity among the political right, the NPC is generally portrayed as parroting left-wing positions –Wikipedia

The authoritative establishment is laughing in all of your faces with their use of the NPC Meme. They are literally calling you mindless sheep incapable of thinking for yourselves.

Every time you take the vaccine, wear a mask or scurry away from a crowded line in a shopping mall out of fear from a virus that has a 99.9% survival rate, you are allowing your media induced fear and anxiety control your actions.