Illegal Border Crossings SURGE as Biden Promises Mass Amnesty, DHS says

Leave it to the Cato Institute to be one of the most fanatic proponents of mass migration during a pandemic.

David Bier, Cato’s Immigration policy analyst, was particularly ecstatic about the presumptive victory of former Vice president Joe Biden. Bier explained that “After Joe Biden won the Democratic Party nomination, he made no adjustments to his aggressively pro‐​immigration agenda.” Bier cited Biden’s platform as being one of the most “pro‐​immigrant as any winning candidate since Abraham Lincoln.”

The Cato immigration wonk stressed the importance of Biden not backing down from his pro-mass migration agenda now that public opinion on immigration is allegedly “even further on his side than the presidential vote count.”

Bier praised Biden for his defense of America’s flawed asylum policies. Trump has made progress in reforming U.S. asylum policy by implementing a Remain in Mexico policy, where Central American asylum applicants are told to wait in Mexico as their asylum requests are processed in the U.S. This angered Bier who is concerned about Central American asylum seekers living “homeless in dangerous cities in Mexico.”

The immigration policy analyst for Cato is of the opinion that “Without Trump’s anti‐​asylum policies, it is inevitable that the United States will have a very significant increase in immigrants requesting asylum.” Bier concedes that Biden will have a hard time ending Trump’s asylum restrictions, but still praised the former Vice President for his defense of a looser asylum seeking policy:

Of all the Trump policies, I believed—as many analysts still do—that these asylum restrictions would be the most difficult politically for Biden to end. Yet Biden took his few minutes on a national debate stage to assert that he’s willing to embrace greater acceptance of asylum seekers as a good thing. If the new administration accepts them all at ports of entry, grants them status and employment authorization, there will not even be the issue of immigrants breaking the law to create any potential political liability.

Due to the expectation of Biden assuming the presidency, U.S. Border Patrol is already reporting a surge at the southwest portion of the border. Border Patrol agents estimate a 21 percent increase in the past month or so. Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan believes that deteriorating economic conditions south of the border have largely attributed to this increase. Most importantly, he blamed “perceived and or anticipated shifts in policies” in the U.S. as another reason for the surging activity at the border. It’s very clear that Biden is perceived as weak on the border.

It is baffling the lengths mass migration proponents will go to defend their wacky ideas. In a time when millions of Americans are put out of work due to lockdowns, it’s absurd to entertain the idea of bringing more migrants into the country. What’s more, there are already a number of states that are becoming way more politically competitive due to the changing demographics brought about by mass migration. Any proposal to increase immigration now and in the future will only hasten these states’ fall into Democrats’ hand. And let’s be honest, Democrats unlike their spineless Republican counterparts, are serious about exercising political power. With freshly imported shock troops to punch their ticket towards political dominance, Democrats will now then be one step closer towards realizing their goal of destroying the American Republic.

We can still deny them this opportunity by passing an immigration moratorium.