An Unholy Alliance: Terrorism And Carbon Emissions

First, Look At This Amazing Series Of Charts And Data.

What we see here now is a steady decrease in Carbon Emissions in the E.U.

Now look at this amazing chart:

Sure, a few spikes since 2000, but those are just part and parcel with data collection. The important thing is a downward trend, not the cause, not the individual motives for each individual activist or activist group. The general downtrend cannot be ignored. But why? To blame any particular group or person is racist, so there must be some scientific correlation to explain. Well, you need only look at the Carbon emission data above to see a clear link.¬†That’s Godzilla. Which is scary, but not as scary as Iraq:

Look at that, a massive terrorist danger now, there are a lot of factors that could be at play, but there’s only one that’s a really solid indicator for Terrorism: Carbon. Note the Increase of Carbon emissions in a country plagued by Terrorism.

That leads to one uncomfortable Truth, namely that Carbon Emissions cause Terrorism, and you know what we have a lot of when we have a lot of Carbon? That’s right, Plants.

Are little green plants responsible for Terrorism? You decide. In a lot of ways it helps explain why Hawaii, California and 30 cities around the nation have had Mayors and Governors pledge commitment to the Paris accords. They are signing on to pay the $3 billion dollars assessed to the United States every year because they are cities with plants and lots of them, so they know the danger they are in as Carbon Emissions go up and plants grow more profusely.

Photosynthesis or a Radical Subversive Plot by Mother Nature to Destroy Civilization? Let us know.

Only at The Red  Elephants.