Buzzfeed Writer Who Tweeted ‘Kill a White Man’ Now Targets Child Conservative YouTuber

Joe Bernstein of Buzzfeed is back to targeting minors once again and this time it’s not a catholic student who attends Covington High like before, it’s a YouTuber.

A Reporter also Harassed Her Dad.

You would think that Buzzfeed would have learned from their Trump/Russia Collusion ‘Bombshell’ that even got called fake news by Robert Muller himself. But they haven’t.  You would think that Buzzfeed maybe would have learned their lesson after Joe Bernstein and Buzzfeed relentlessly attacked the Covington Catholic kids on Twitter, and then turned out to be completely wrong.  They didn’t learn much then either.

Apparently, the folks over at Buzzfeed learned absolutely nothing since their string of fake news stories, but what can you expect from a failing outlet that once told people you should “stop having white children” to save America.

Bernstein seems to always be one of the first to target minors oddly. Think of that what you may, but now he has sight his sights on a 14-year-old ironic political YouTuber who goes by the name of Soph. Seemingly, it is because he disagrees with her political opinions and is possibly offended by her comedy.

Dave Rubin of the Rubin Report correctly notes that Bernstein and others are not actually Journalists even though they call themselves that.  It is clear that every single one of them are actually activists who will attack minors relentlessly if they don’t agree with them politically, ideologically, or if it gets them clicks.

Because of Bernstein’s attacks, YouTube has already taken down two of Soph’s videos, and as many people who are familiar with YouTube know, it’s three strikes and you are out.

Following the second strike Soph received from YouTube, she has been alerted that she is now banned from uploading altogether, with her channel likely teetering over the edge of the censorship cliff that so many YouTubers have fallen from in recent months.

Once again, we shouldn’t expect anything less from Bernstein considering the fact that he literally called for people to murder white people on twitter, and yet he still has his twitter account, his verification badge, and his job at Buzzfeed.

Go figure.

Bernstein also seems to believe that Soph has been ‘radicalized’ by YouTube and maybe other adults as well, as he recently retweeted the Mother Jones editor in chief who tweeted “If you work at ⁦⁩ / ⁦⁩ and you’re not fight everyday to get your company to address the radicalization of kids, wtf are you doing?”

Isn’t it Ironic that the editor in chief of Mother Jones does’t even know how to spell?…

It is also important to note that these minor-attacking activists who call themselves “journalists” are not consistent politically or ideologically at all.

These same people promote, encourage, and justify ‘drag kids’ as young as 5, particularly ‘Desmond is Amazing,’ who literally stripped for adults recently while they threw money at him.

These activists claim that the drag kids are old enough at 5 years of age, to choose for doctors to inject them with hormones or puberty blockers, and old enough to to choose to identify as the opposite sex without any adult interference at all.  But when it comes to a 14-year-old YouTuber who holds certain political beliefs, they immediately assume that YouTube or their parents are ‘radicalizing’ them.

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