BUSTED! George Takei Deletes Anti Trump Poll After It Goes Horribly Wrong

Is there anything more embarrassing than trying to rally the troops, getting your ever so loyal followers to attack someone who has offended you, only to find out that your followers actually like the guy you’re trying so hard to get them to attack?

This was so the case for Mr Hikaru Sulu. Takei posted an online pole on his twitter feed, essentially asking who his followers think does more harm to the country between Trump and the media. As soon as he saw this cult calling poll not going as planned, he aborted the mission.

Sorry Takei, but before you posted your awesome twitter poll that you believed your cult following would go one way on, you should’ve probably checked out the previous polls, by actual pollsters, who have virtually done this exact poll before you.  Many times. The results should not have ben so shocking to the Star Trek b-list boy, as this extensive study done before shows that nearly half of people believe Trump over the main stream media.




Oh right.  They were “alt-right,” racist homophobic, transphobic, islamophobic bigots for not voting in your twitter pol the way you wanted them to huh?  It’s pure and utter hate speech isn’t it Takei? Can you get any more lib-cliche’?