We Should Build a Summer Camp in Mexico For Illegal Immigrant Children Separated from Their Parents

Hear me out on this, it’s not a fully developed idea, but so far everyone I’ve talked to agrees:

We need a Summer Camp.

So there’s some 500 kids still separated from their parents, we deported the parents, and now we don’t know what to do with the kids. Everyone I’ve talked to insists we can’t send them home because they will be killed. And more come every week. So, Summer Camp.

Summer Camp in Mexico. For like a fraction of the cost of keeping them here, we can build a shelter with room and board for these kids to live until their parents come to pick them up. It won’t be hard for them to do, they already made the journey once, they can do it again. While they are in Mexico, get some teachers from America to go provide a somewhat decent education, and pay ’em $30,000 a year, which is a kings ransom in Mexico. They don’t even need to be certified in the subjects they are teaching, since it won’t be a public school under usual Dept of Education rules, it will be a Summer Camp in Mexico.

Where can we Put the Summer Camp!

A Quick google search turned up this BEAUTIFUL PROPERTY in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico, for just 387,000, we could have plenty of space for a big beautiful school:


artists depiction

What a deal. And It’s gonna be real cheap to build and maintain, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, this report here:


Shows that our Manufacturing hourly wage average of $35.53 per hour is matched by a factor of 6, Mexico pays people about $6.48 for the same amount of work. Honestly we could easily cover the O&M for substantially Less, and it would funnel resources to a country that needs it.  We know the labor will be available, we could even use the illegal immigrants that sneak into Mexico on their way here to build it. Like a giant remittance network funded by the U.S. government. But Mexico will probably deport them, leading to,  you guessed it, more students at the school.

So these kids are going to be there a while. We can go ahead and offer the top 3% of the academic class of the graduating kids get citizenship and any kid who gets an academic scholarship gets citizenship too.

Now I’ve brought this up with my liberal friends, in real life they see the sense of it, and the ones online just fixate on the aspect of a camp for non-immigrants, and its funny. But more importantly, it is a humane solution to get them out of the country and also care for. the end.