BREAKING: Wuhan Scientists Caught Catching Bats For Virus Research in December 2019

On Dec 10, 2019 Shanghai Media Group released a video showing Wuhan China researchers catching bats for virus research. The video is full of imagery from the historic Black Plague and other deadly pandemics throughout history. Shanghai Media Group is owned by the Communist Chinese Government.

One Chinese researcher who is seen handling the bats claims “I do hope these virus samples will only be preserved for scientific research and will never be used in real life”

Many references to war inside the video help fuel conspiracy of biological warfare: “This is a true battle only without the smoke of gunpowder”, a researcher is heard saying.

Watch the video below

Below are a few still shots from the video above:

The video in question revives conspiracy theorists claims that the COVID-19 virus originated inside of the Wuhan virology lab, and that the Chinese government continues to lie about not only the extent of the problem but also the origins of the deadly pandemic.

This report comes just minutes after US intelligence agencies confirmed the Communist Chinese Party had lied to the international community over the extent of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Intelligence Agencies: China Lied About COVID-19 — American Response Delayed