Video Shows Poll Worker Allegedly Handing a USB Drive to an Unidentified Man

Previously we reported on the video footage from Georgia which showed election workers, after telling observers and the rest of the workers to leave, stay behind to continue counting ballots in private without observation.

Republican poll-watchers were told that ballot counting finished at 10:25 — and at midnight, workers pulled out suitcases filled with ballots and continued to count them. 

National and local news outlets all reported that all ballot counting stopped at the State Farm arena at 10:30pm.  Officials stated that election workers would be back in the morning to count the rest of the ballots.

Just a short while after election official told the rest of the workers and observers to go home, just a few workers continued to count what is estimated to be tens of thousands of ballots without observation.

Reportedly, one of the election workers from the video was also observed in another video allegedly handing off what appears to be a USB drive off to an unidentified man.

As the poll worker hands the unidentified individual the object, the man takes the object from the worker during an exaggerated yawn, indicating he is likely engaging in nefarious activity. 

Allegedly, the mother of the same woman who has been identified as ‘Ruby’ by some online, filmed herself in from of tens of thousands of mail-in ballots at the election facility in Fulton county.

If you google: “Yawning a sign of lying” and you will find hundreds of psychological studies indicating yawning to be one of the most basic physical bodily gestures commonly attributed to lying. 

Even the TSA includes “Exaggerated Yawning” in their training manuals as one of the tell tale signs of potential criminal behavior.