BREAKING: Senate Passes COVID-19 ‘Hate-Crime’ Bill as Black Americans Continue Attacks Against Asian Americans

The U.S. government is at it again, passing a COVID-19 ‘Hate-Crime’ bill aimed at protecting Asian Americans from being targeted due to their perceived involvement in releasing the fake corona-virus, causing governments across the world to destroy their own economies in response.

What the bill won’t tell you, is that the vast majority of anti-Asian crime over the past few months has been almost entirely committed by black Americans.


Even Tariq Nasheed, who many would consider to be a black supremacist, has conceded the fact that this bill, although omitting the fact that it is largely due to black American attacks against asians, is in fact a bill that would exclusively effect black Americans, as they are the ones attacking Asian Americans.

Though, it is a rare occurrence to see anyone other than a white person charged of a hate crime.

The issue of black Americans attacking random Asian people in the streets and at their places of business was even highlighted as George Floyd’s so-called ‘expert’ witness had ties to an extremist black supremacist group which had been filmed entering and attacking Asian-owned businesses

These so-called ‘hate crime’ laws are all just extreme examples of a government hell-bent on painting its majority populace (white people) as incurably racist – when in reality, these inner city assaults are largely caught on camera, and the perpetrators are for the most part of a darker complexion.