BREAKING: Nation-Wide Police Strike Imminent

Several sources close to police claim there are talks among the nation’s police departments about a possible strike, reaching across the country’s police departments in response to what is being called ‘unfair treatment’ over textbook policing.

Police officers have already been resigning across the country citing: “failed leadership”

Over the past few weeks, as law & order continues to breakdown across the country, police have been ambushed, assassinated, poisoned at restaurants, assaulted, and abandoned by law makers.

Even as police continue to face some of the worst abuse we have ever seen in this country, President Donald Trump signed an executive order calling for police reform, using ‘racial inequality’ as reasoning for allocating resources to accountability within the nation’s police departments.

As officers put their lives on the line protecting this country from violent criminals, they’re abandoned by law-makers, hounded by the media and as we have seen, they’re being charged for simply doing their jobs.