BREAKING: Leaked Valet Entry Shows Paddock Checked In Way Before Authorities Are Saying

If They’re lying About This, What Else Are They Lying About?

The media is scrambling to try and figure out what is correct and what is not about this entire case.  One thing can now be certain though, the police chief and other authorities have flat-out lied regarding when Paddock actually checked in to the Mandalay Bay.

Who better to break this news than 4chan’s /pol/ – Yes the same autists that found Eric Clanton, the Antifa member who attacked Sean Stiles with a bike lock in Berkeley. The online chat group of high IQ internet dweller provided the leaked image of the valet entry days ago.  Citizen journalist Laura Loomer was the first one to break the news shortly after in the media. CNN and other mainstream news outlets waited a whole three days before they validated it as correct and followed suit with corrections to their reports.  CNN especially is desperately trying to cover their tracks about the goof.  But who wouldn’t believe the police and sheriff right?  Well there’s a time for that yes, but this whole case stinks and now we know they have lied on several occasions.


Everyone is so hard pressed to just openly truth the authorities and intelligence agencies nowadays when they have blatantly lied and covered things up before. Like… a lot.  Remember “weapons of mass destructions” by Robert Mueller, Bush and other intelligence agencies?

Here is another picture of the a printed ticket further validating the time and date for which he checked in.  He checked in under his girlfriend’s name, Marilou Danley. MSNBC was also reporting that authorities are probings whether there were “others” in Paddock’s suite at the time of the shooting.  Of course there were.  Any old guy who has fired a weapon knows what overlapping cadence sounds like.