BREAKING: College Professor Bans Female Republican Students From Women’s Meeting

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You may remember Orange Coast College being in the news recently after Professor Olga Perez Cox told a whole class of students that the election of Donald Trump was an “act of terrorism” against our country.

Well, they’re back in the news again with yet another scandal involving a whole different class, with a whole different radical leftist, activist, professor.  Shocker! It’s the professor of gender studies this time.

On May 18th, the Orange Coast College Republicans filed a formal complaint against professor Jessica Ayo Alabi for preventing republican students from attending the Women’s history meeting.  Not only did she ban male republican students, but she banned female republican students as well.

On May 16th, an email surfaced and fell into the hands of the OCC Republicans club, sent from professor Alabi to Michael Mortice, an OCC employee in Student Services that works with the student government.  This email clearly states from Alabi that the Republican club “should not send their female students to visit.”

In another email from Alabi to Kevin Henson, the dean of social sciences, she tries to cover her tracks before the inevitable backlash, telling Henson “I just told the Republican club that they could not come to the curl talk event.”  Stating that this event is for African Americans and Women only.  Apparently not Republican Women though.

Alabi continues that this is a “safe space event for African Americans and Women only.” I wonder how well it would go over if professors started having ‘white only’ events on campus, calling them ”safe spaces.”

Once the uproar went campus-wide, another email shows Dennis Harkins, the College’s President, telling the Chancellor of the district that he has asked Henson to investigate why Alabi would do such a thing.  Evidently showing that Harkins knows his campus is about to be hit with a storm of more bad press yet again. And rightfully so.

The OCC Republicans sent out a press release on Thursday highlighting the events that had taken place, saying that they have submitted a formal complaint against Alabi.  I imagine that things like this occur at colleges all across the country, yet politically marginalized students are afraid to stand up and fight back like the OCC Republicans club is doing here.  Let this be a lesson to any student government out there. Stand up and fight back now.


Orange Coast College Professor Targets Conservative Students AGAIN!

Costa Mesa, CA May 17, 2017: On March 22nd Gender Studies Professor Jessica Alabi prevented OCC Republicans President Vincent Wetzel, Secretary Hakeem Siddiqi, and Membership Director Alejandro Vargas from attending the African-American/Women’s round table discussion in the Multicultural Center hosted for Women’s History Month.
On May 16th we discovered an email from Professor Alabi to various campus officials including President Harkins in which Professor Alabi states she prevented our members from attending because they belong to the OCC Republicans club. In the email titled “Incident with Republican Club” she stated “I just told the Republicans club they could not come to the [Girl] talk event.” In addition to saying that “If the college will not stand up to the Republicans club, I have decided to stand up for myself and other students.”
We’re aware that after having been notified President Harkins instructed that Professor Alabi be spoken to about preventing students from attending public events. However, the act committed against these three members merits more than just having Professor Alabi lectured, and in fact this is neither the first time an incident like this has occurred.
On March 1st Professor Alabi in an email which included her Department Dean also stated that she had “spent 20 minutes convincing Vincent the Republican Club president that he should not come to the Feminist Club meetings nor send his female students to visit next week.” This occurred after Vincent attended a Feminist Club meeting to mend club relations after a tense semester in hopes of spawning future collaboration between the two clubs.
Due to this repeated viewpoint discrimination and unprovoked targeting of OCC Republicans members the OCC Republicans have filed a formal grievance about Professor Alabi’s actions with Orange Coast College. Included in the email are the following demands to rectify the problem and help prevent future incidents from occurring again.
1. That an investigation be opened, or reopened, into Jessica Alibi discriminating against Republican club members, and conservative students as self-reported by her via public email to you.
2. That upon the completion of the investigation if it’s proven that Professor Alabi discriminated against students on the basis of their ideological viewpoint and party affiliation that, at the least, she be suspended from teaching for two non-intersession semesters at Orange Coast College, and if possible as well as the Coast Community College District, and be permitted to return after that suspension once she’s attended an in-depth training on student’s rights and preventing viewpoint discrimination, as well as be required to write a one page long apology letter to the OCC Republicans and the members effected by her actions.

3. That President Harkins write a letter to the Board of Trustees supporting the revision and ratification of board policy changes proposed by our club in early April to the Board of Trustees that would amend current district policies to protect students from discrimination on the basis of political affiliations and ideological beliefs .

4. That Orange Coast College will take measures to start, or improve, training for faculty and staff on how to respect students’ rights, viewpoints, and be trained on what viewpoint discrimination is to prevent future instances.