BREAKING: Barron Trump Tests Positive for Corona Virus — But How Tall Is Barron Really?

It was just recently revealed that the President’s son, Barron, had tested positive for corona virus, before once again, people began inquiring about Baron Trump’s growth.

Just how tall is Baron Trump? No one seems to be able to answer the question. The only answer you might hear is that he is much taller since the last time you might have asked.

The kid is getting taller, and by taller we mean he is on the short list for actors to play in the up-coming Hollywood release of White Men Can Jump.

After Barron had beaten corona virus, he walked into the White House looking much taller. Donald Trump’s face was priceless.

Last night, the family had been strolling through the rose garden. One journalist, who will not be named, exclaimed that she had never seen such a tall young man, and inquired whether or not he had aspirations to play in the NBA, to which Barron exclaimed: “The NBA is full of losers and chumps, I would much rather play in the NHL” before personally, physically removing the journalist by single-handedly tossing her over the White House barrier.

The next morning it would appear that her grew even taller, breaking the world record for tallest man, with ease. Unfortunately, the journalist who took this photo had been crushed under Barron’s Nike sneakers before he could escape the White House.