BREAKING: Antifa Killer Michael Reinoehl Interviewed by VICE — Shot & Killed by Police Minutes Before President Trump Demands Investigation

In an incomprehensible twist of events, Antifa shooter, Michael Reinoehl, is shot and killed by police just minutes before President Donald J Trump calls for arrest, and only hours after release of VICE news interview.

Antifa shooter Michael Reinoehl was just shot and killed by arresting officers after a warrant for his arrest was issued and officers closed in on his location.

This all comes just moments after VICE news released an interview in which they asked Michael Reinoehl what exactly had occurred the night of the shooting in Portland.

Tucker Carlson highlighted the events that unfolded in Portland in a Fox News segment soon after the incident had taken place.

In a proviso report, we highlight Michael Reinoehl’s Antifa manifesto he had left on Instagram where he pledged allegiance to Antifa and a violent revolution to take of the United States of America.

These events are currently unfolding and we will continue to provide updates as they unfold.