BOMBSHELL: Undercover Video Shows Twitter Techs Say They Down-rank Trump and Conservative Accounts

The ‘Shadowban’ Is Real

Just as we thought! Undercover videos by Project Veritas shows twitter engineers admitting that 99.9% of twitter employees are against Trump and that they purposely shadowban conservative accounts so that ‘no one sees their posts.’

One engineer said anyone that talks about guns, America or other “redneck” stuff as he puts it, gets banned so that no one sees their tweets.

One twitter engineer says that they’re “working on a way to stop all conservatives from showing up to twitter.”

Many people on the left love to boast about Obama getting more retweets than Trump during Christmas when both of them tweeted out their holiday greetings, but now we know why.

Engineers in this video openly admit that they suppress the amount of people that see the tweets coming from President Trump and other conservative accounts while also boosting the amount of people that see Obama’s and other left-leaning accounts.

Watch below…

Seeing things like this is why many young people, particularly in the generation-z range, are vocal proponents of Paul Nehlen’s anti-censorship legislation.

Nehlen is running for congress against Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s first district and was a major piece in Trump’s decision to pull out of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Many people on social media have praised Nehlen’s rhetoric of America first, secure our borders and stop tech giants from censoring speech they disagree with.  His argument against they ones that regurgitate the talking point about ‘muh private companies’ is that the government tells private companies what to do all the time.  An example he likes to use is that the federal government has mandated Ford to put two oxygen censors in their F-150 trucks.  Ford is also a ‘private company.’

His legislation is only two pages and likely would easily pass if any congressman would put their support behind it. So….. CALL YOUR CONGRESSMEN!