Black Americans Asking For 25% of The Money From the Black Panther movie

Petition For Gibs

A petition created by a Chaz Gormley is demanding Marvel’s parent company, the Walt Disney Company to “set aside” 25 percent of their profit to be returned into black communities in America.

Gormley’s petition said that the movie studios have intentionally targeted African American communities around the country with its marketing campaigns for the upcoming film.

“As marginalized groups have become more vocal, corporations and their savvy public relations departments have turned to catering to these groups—to turn a profit—and this film by Marvel Studios is no different,” the petition reads.

Gormley said although he expects people of all races to the theatres to see the film—which has a predominantly black cast and director— Gormley said Marvel is targeting the black community because of its spending power.

So the question remains… If they do get 25% of the money, what will they spend it on?