Black Trump Supporter Attacked by Antifa & BLM at San Fransisco Free Speech Rally — Free Speech Rally Canceled by Violent Rioters

A free speech activist named Philip Anderson was attacked by Antifa & Black Lives Matter, having his two front teeth knocked out after attending a free-speech rally late Saturday afternoon. Reports confirm the attack was unprovoked and that he was identified by the attackers for his free-speech activism before being attacked by the group.

Philip Anderson had previously attended riots in an attempt to quell violence and speak non-violence to the violent crowds. He is a free speech activists that preaches open dialogue, peace and non-violence.

Philip Anderson speaks after his teeth had been knocked out, to a booing crowd of Black Lives Matter & Antifa rioters. Cornell Barnard with abc7news reports with video.

The event was billed as a free speech rally and protest against Twitter + Big Tech, censorship. The protest was held in front of Twitter HQ, before the rally at United Nations Plaza.