Black Student Viciously BEATS White Student, Media Silent After Assault at Georgia High School

A Barrow County high school student is in the hospital with serious injuries after being viciously beaten by another student Thursday. The violent occurrence was caught on cellphone video by students at Winder-Barrow High School and shared on social media.

The disturbing video shows one student slam the other girl’s head against a wall followed by an audible loud pop. The student was flown to Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, Her condition has not been released.

If you are sensitive to violent imagery, I would suggest that you do not watch the video below.  Regardless of whether you view the video or not, it is clear that this is yet another blatant example of how the media refuses to report on interracial violence, crime or hate crimes when the perpetrator is not white.
The term white and the term ‘hate crime’ has become somewhat of a colocation at this point, but it’s absolutely statistically false.
If we look at the FBI statistics on hate crimes by race of offender and by victim: This is the number of hate crimes from 2016 and this is the amount of hate crimes in 2017.  There has not been a 200% increase in hate crimes by any metric at all, anywhere.  Now there has been a drastic increase in reported hate crimes, but most of them actually turned out to be fake.  If you scroll through – you will see what I mean.
The fact is though that black men commit hate crimes at a higher rate than any other group, including white men.
This is the chart of hate crimes from 2016 by the FBI
This shows 5,770 hate crimes, 26% were committed by black Americans and 43% were committed by white Americans.
Now for the intelligent person, you can see that the only group that is overrepresented in hate crimes compared to their population percentage is black Americans.  But unfortunately the majority of America isn’t that bright.  When you have different populations, you have to get a per 100,000 rate to obtain correct data, especially in an ever-growing population. So we take the 1,500 hate crimes committed by blacks divide that by the black population which is 42 million, and multiply that number by 100,000 and we get a hate crimes perpetration rate of 3.57 perf 100,000 black Americans.
For whites we take 2,481 divided their population of 195 million and 1.2 per 100,000 white people.
This means that out of 100,000 black Americans and 100,000 white Americans, you will get three times more black hate crimes perpetrators that white ones.


Can you imagine if this was in the reverse? What the media would say? The media bias in the reporting on hate crimes when the perpetrator is black or brown is well illustrated in this report that mentions the frequent attacks on Jews in New York City by Blacks.  Neither of these stories were talked about on essentially any mainstream outlet.

The media and academia will constantly harangue about how black Americans are overrepresented in prison populations, coming to the conclusion that the only reason that is possible for tis is ‘racism.’  Anyone with any knowledge of crime data in America, and frankly any country where people of African descent reside, understand that blacks commit the highest crime rate of any other group in those countries.  This is true for America, Brazil, London, etc.

If we go to table 43a of the 2017 FBI crime statistics we can can see that black Americans, while only making up 13% of the population accounted for over 50% of the arrests for homicide in the year of 2017.  If we want a per 100,000 rate we just take the number for arrests for homicide, divide it by the population of black Americans in the year of 2017 which was approximately 40 million, then multiply that by 100,000 and you get a homicide arrest rate of approximately 12.5

This is a rate that is 5 times higher than the arrest rate for homicides of white Americans. Once we subtract a proportionate amount of the hispanic number from the white number we can see that the homicide arrest rate for whites is approximately 1.4 to 2.4 per 100,000.  No matter how you spin it, 13% of the population, black Americans account for over half of all arrest homicides every single year, it doesn’t matter what year we go to as we can see this graph here from 2016 data.
Outside of this, we can look at CDC numbers quoted by the american council on science and health and we can see that outside of just arrests for homicides, they have the homicide rate for black Americans at 20 per 100,000 VS the approximately 2 per 100,000 of whites.
Interracial crime is something that CNN’s Don Lemon, and other mainstream journalists love to sensationalize when the perp is white.  But of course when it’s the much more common black perpetrator, their mouths are zipped shut.
If we take a look at interracial crime from 2012 to 2015, you can see that it is a vastly different picture than the media is trying to paint for their viewers.
When someone asks me why I think there is bias in the media, usually my mind floods with statistics like these followed by an attempt to illustrate how CNN reported on Nia Wilson versus the hundreds of attacks by blacks on whites and jews that happened in the same month.  I usually find myself not knowing where to start in these situations, but also looking forward to the day that people realize the true agenda of the media and the elite.