Black Man Says “That’s What I Like to See” as he Films Obese Police Officer Shooting White Man Wielding Stick

If the situations were reversed, and it were a white man cheering on a police officer shooting a black man holding a stick, the entire country would be on fire and you would be able to see the flames from outer space. 

The obese police officer put 12 rounds in this man who is clearly suffering from some sort of mental breakdown. 

The video on youtube will most likely be deleted, and you will have to search elsewhere to find the footage as it goes against the mainstream narrative that only black people are facing police brutality. 

Furthermore, the response of the black man as he films the fat police officer putting 12 rounds in a clearly mentally deranged white man is just about as much as you can expect. The fact that the black man not only cheers on the killing, but doesn’t even flinch when the officer shoots the man 12 times, should tell you everything you need to know about race relations in the UNITED States of America.

Things are going to continue to get much worse here in the U.S.