Big Tech Has Disappeared At Least 50 Prominent Conservatives, It’s Time for States to Act

Currently, state by state republicans are filing and passing different versions of anti-abortion bills.  Ohio, Alabama, and Kentucky have filed the strictest with Alabama effectively banning all abortion. The reason why this is happening is because republicans understand that they will not be able to get anything done on abortion through congress and senate, and would rather pass bills state by state hoping one will eventually go to the supreme court.

This is exactly how we need to solve internet censorship.  Powerful tech companies that host a neutral common, just like any company, should not be able to refuse you service based on who you are or what you believe. Furthermore, under section 230, the three big tech monopolies all have protection and blanket immunity for what is posted on their platforms as long they stay as neutral platforms under the law.

To the naysayers who continuously revert to the ‘but they’re private companies’ argument, the truth is that the federal government tells private companies what to do all the time, from the mom-and-pop-shop to the giant corporation. The feds tell them the minimum wage they have to pay, how they dump waste, how many fire alarms they need to have, how many oxygen censors Toyota has to put in their trucks, as well as countless other examples.  If there is any time that the federal government should step in, it is to uphold civil and constitutional rights on the internet where 90% of conversations happen in America. 

As far as the numbers on who has been censored go, Quilette recently published an article with data showing that there has been at least 45 prominent conservatives with an average of 50,000 followers each that have been banned from twitter. This list of course does not include YouTube and Facebook bans which have recently included Buds131 who has been banned from YouTube for making the Washington Post look bad in the Covington Catholic story after he pulled up Nathan Phillips’ military record.  In addition, Mumkey Jones who posted edgy meme comedy, Tommy Robinson who was recently blacklisted from all of YouTube forever, and about one hundred others I can name off the top of my head are perfect examples.

Just like abortion, the only way to fix this is state by state until one of these bills goes to the supreme court. So far Texas, Florida, Arkansas, and Rhode Island have all filed bills in their state legislatures all entitled  “Stop Social Media Censorship Act.

This is how we win this fight.  You can find the number, address and email of your representative here at this link.  Please contact at least one senator and your congressperson and tell them to adopt Florida’s version of the “Stop Social Media Censorship Act.”