Bi-Partisan Lawmakers Pass Gun Control Bill Amid Slew of Pre-Written FAKE NEWS Articles Claiming “Mass Shootings Surge” in Every Major City

It is almost never to the benefit of the populace when politicians find bipartisan agreement. From wars in the Middle East, to vaccines and now gun control – it is as if our politicians are all a part of the same inside joke that has yet to have a punchline.

In two votes, the House passed legislation that would require background checks for every gun buyer in the nation, and extend the amount of time the F.B.I. has to vet those flagged by the national instant check (NICS) system.

The House voted 227 to 203 to approve national background checks, and 219 to 210 to give federal agencies more time to vet gun buyers.

Republicans who voted to pass the bill: 

Vern Buchanan (FL)

Brian Fitzpatrick (PA)

Maria Salazar (FL)

Andrew Garbarino (NY)

Chris Smith (NJ)

Fred Upton (MI)

Carlos Gimenez (FL)

Adam Kinzinger (IL).

It is interesting to see republicans reach across the isle and meet democrats half-way on gun control legislation. What is even more interesting is over the last 24 hours, Google has manually altered the search results of “Mass shooting surge” after it was found that countless news outlets released identical headlines claiming that mass shooting numbers were rising in their states.

The fact that these coordinated articles just so happen to have all been published within a week of bi-partisan gun control legislation, is suspicious, to say the least.

The Truth About Mass-Shootings:

The standard definition of a mass shooting prior to 2013 was when three or more are injured or killed. In January 2013, less than a month after 20 children and six adults were fatally shot at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut, Barack Obama signed legislation that defines a “mass killing” as three or more people killed in a single incident.

Mother Jones, a news organization that tracks mass shooting incidents, conveniently excludes shootings that result gang activity. They stopped updating their database early in 2020 when four of the last seven mass shooters turned out to be Black Americans.

The other databases recognize these instances but diverge when it comes to gang shootings and other nonfatal gunshot injuries.

The Gun Violence archive database uses the standard definition of three or more injured or killed, and includes gang shootings. Approximately 90% of these shootings are committed by Black males, and overwhelmingly victimizing other Black males.

In Chicago, there is an epidemic of gang members committing mass shootings at the funerals of their rival gang members, attempting to kill as many family members of their rivals as possible.

Thirty four of America’s largest cities have suffered a 30 percent increase in homicides in the year of 2020, according to a survey, with police in four Midwestern cities reporting increases of more than 60 percent over 2019.

The surge started almost directly after the death of George Floyd, and widespread protests and riots involving black lives matter.

In Milwaukee, homicides rose from 97 to 189, a 95 percent increase. In Louisville, homicides increased from 90 to 173, a 92 percent increase.

The Minneapolis Police Department has been making an average of 80% fewer traffic stops each week since May 25, the day of Floyd’s death, according to an analysis by Bloomberg CityLab.

Stops for “suspicious vehicles,” which means pursuit of vehicles thought to be involved in a crime, dropped 24%. “Suspicious person” stops were down 39% since May 25.

All across the nation, police are either retiring or transferring at the highest rates in history, many anonymously citing the Black Lives Matter riots and state and local government action that follows, making it impossible to do their jobs in black areas.

Police retirements in New York City have surged dramatically in the wake of widespread Black Lives Matters protests that began in late May 2020.

The New York Post reported that the NYPD has even taken steps to limit retirement applications, as they have surged 411 percent, compared with the same period last year.

This is happening in all of the largest cities across the country, leading to the under-policing of minority majority areas of the country.

The lie about mass-shootings:

The mainstream media is the propaganda arm of the American regime. They are not autonomous outlets trying to “report on the facts” or give you breaking news coverage.

Mainstream media outlets are actively coercing the general public to go along with social narratives carefully selected by intelligence agencies with the aim of gaining mass support for various topics ranging from gun control to wars in the Middle East.