The Best Pro Gun Arguments You Will Ever Hear

Debunking Every Single Liberal Gun Argument In One Video

In the midst of the brand spanking new regulations the beautiful state of California has passed, effective this past January 1st, we thought we should be advocating relentlessly to protect our first amendment rights in states with liberal utopianism beliefs like California.

In the age of mass attacks with semi trucks and pressure cookers and the highest murder rate in gun controlled Chicago in decades, liberals still find a way to blame this all on the gun toting law abiding citizens.  Every shooting, every attack there is, you could almost hear a collective gasp by the left, hoping that it was some white racist Trump supporter that caused it.  The problem is, it almost never is.

In the case of the Terrorist attack at the Orlando night club, some would argue that if someone, anyone, was armed, the attack by the radical Islamist would have been lessened or stopped completely.  The left though would argue, almost always, that the criminal would just take the weapon from the citizen and cause even more damage.  But is this true?

According to FBI Crime statistics, guns actually prevent an estimated 6,800 crimes per day.  Or over 2 million crimes a year.  Yes you read that right, gun PREVENT hundreds of thousands more crimes than they actually are involved in according to government crime statistcis. 250,000 Americans die each year from medical errors, yet you never hear anyone on the left or the right condemning doctors, calling for the ban of stethoscopes, do you? No.  Because the good of the medical field outweighs the bad.  There are no protests on medical errors because doctors and modern medicine save hundreds of thousands more lives than they lose due to error.  So shouldn’t this thought process be the same for guns?

Aside from the countless videos that are all over the internet showing good guys preventing (x) crime with a gun, the left still doesn’t understand that diminishing, or even eradicating the 2nd amendment will only prevent more crime and murder to happen. No matter how much the statistics and proof show, they still will call for their bullet button and grip wraps galore.

Instead typing the cliche article all out about how “guns save lives,” we decided to make a video to show you, and settle this argument once and for all…