Bernie Voters Hate Journalists — Rallies “Starting to Feel Trumpian”

Today a senior political reporter for VICE news reported that supporters of Bernie Sanders have begun “booing reporters at rallies”. The reporter claimed that Sanders’ rallies are “starting to feel Trumpian” and that Bernie himself has begun going after “the corporate media with increasing disdain” 

This comes as no surprise as the corporate media machine as well as the DNC has taken an extreme stance against Bernie Sanders and his hard left supporters. Chris Matthews had to issue an apology to Sanders for “comparing Bernie’s win in Nevada to Nazi’s storming France”

It is quite possible that the media does in fact hate Bernie because of his hard line stance against the Jewish American Israeli Public Affairs Committee AIPAC and it’s massive influence over the majority of politicians with their predatory lobbying campaigns. Bernie refuses to attend the mandatory AIPAC conference and instead blames the Israelis for human rights violations against the Palestinian people.

The media does hate Bernie Sanders because Bernie Sanders is against AIPAC and the foreign occupying Israeli military campaign of Genocide against the Palestinian people. They will do whatever they can to destroy his campaign, as we have seen with the curious drop out of the Buttigieg campaign.

Sander’s voters will once again feel the crushing weight of the globalist corporate establishment as they are cheated out of the election by the lying press, the DNC and the globalist elite class.