SHOCK VIDEO: Berkeley Liberals Praise Man Waving ISIS Flag, Then Attack Him When He Waves Israel Flag

After the left has called Trump Hitler, after the Berkeley riots last week in attempts to shut out someone that they say is spewing “Nazi rhetoric, after the left has called every last Trump supporter “racists,” “Nazis,” etc, THIS is what is really going on.

The modern left leaning population are the most anti-semitic people in history.  Some could actually compare them to… well actual Nazis.  But where do they learn this anti-Semitic hate from?

90% Of universities across the country are indoctrinating our children to push out free speech, hate Jews, and call anyone a racist who is on the opposing end of what these professors are being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to teach. Critical thinking in higher education is gone.

A man decided to film a social experiment at Berkeley, to show this anti-semitic belief system of the American liberal.  He first waved an ISIS flag shouting Islamic State, anti-American rhetoric on the campus and liberals were seen coming up to him and praising him or doing nothing at all.  He then witched gears, retrieved the flag of Israel and began waving it as well.  Berkeley students were seen coming up to him and swearing at him, saying things like “Isreal is a thief in the night.”

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