Ben Shapiro Nearly Arrested On Depaul Campus

Conservative author and political commentator Ben Shapiro showed up on DePaul University’s campus Tuesday night for an event he RSVP’d to.  Upon arriving at the entrance of the event he was greeted by the gestapo of DePaul University and nearly arrested.

Shapiro was banned in August from Depaul university after a speech there.  Depaul’s reasoning was that they “had concerns that their security force being able to handle any potential student unrest that would result in Shapiro’s presentation.”

But many people believe that it was because they don’t agree with his stances and want to guard children from points of view Depaul university doesn’t agree with.

He was invited by DePaul’s branch of Young America’s Foundation to speak alongside Christina Hoff Summers Tuesday night, in defiance of the ban, but said he would sit in the audience instead after DePaul threatened to suspend the YAF group.

Take a look at what happened upon arrival:

When Shapiro asked the guards if such a major show of force is warranted, the guard quips, “It may be a mild misallocation of resources.”

Shapiro was quick to hit back.

“It’s amazing that in a city where there’s 4,000 shootings to date,  you have 30 security guards just for a 5’9″ 165 lb Jewish guy.”

Summers and Shapiro then led a mass walkout of YAF students and speech attendees and held their joint event off campus.  Shapiro and others were quick call out out DePaul’s actions on social media.