Ben Shapiro Initially Contributed to the Shaming of the Covington Catholic Kids

Ben Shapiro, and Many Other Fake Conservatives Contributed in the Shaming of the Covington Catholic Kids

Tucker Carlson on Monday hit back at fake conservatives like Bill Kristol and the National Review publication for tag-teaming with the liberal media in shaming the Covington Catholic kids. There was one part of his monologue however that stuck out to me.  At the 6:23 mark Tucker said “Bill Kristol still has not apologized for the Iraq war.”

If you don’t know why he said this, then start doing your research on Bill Kristol and the Project for the New American Century. This Iraq war era think-tank also knows as ‘PNAC,’ run by Kristol and Robert Kagan, played a primary role in pre-planning of the Iraq war leading up to the invasion. But the death of neocon think-tanks like PNAC and the Foreign Policy Initiative unfortunately did not mean the proverbial death of pseudo-conservative neocons like Kristol, Kagan, and Dick Cheney.

Ben Shapiro has been showing that he is certainly the embodiment of all of them, until he deletes his retweets.

What a lot of evangelical Trump supporters still don’t seem to understand or notice, is that Ben Shapiro is not on our side.  Shapiro supported New York Times writer Sarah Jeong, by saying she should not be fired for attacking white people, yet in true hypocritical fashion, Shapiro also called for Steve King to be immediately censured and kicked out of the GOP after King was simply misquoted and lied about by the New York Times.

Many of you also probably also noticed Ben Shapiro retweeting activists and left-wing journalists who were attacking the Covington Catholic kids.  This lines up exactly to how Shapiro reacted to Sarah Jeong, as well as many other countless examples by Ben Shapiro where he displayed anti-nationalist and seemingly anti-white behavior.

Most of the real conservative nationalists in America have already realized that Shapiro is neither a nationalist nor a real ‘conservative’ in any definition of the word.

Here are a few examples of how Shapiro joined in on the pile-on of these kids, and then quickly changed his tune when true conservatives called the media out on their fake news…  True intelligent nationalists have already noticed who Shapiro truly is.

Shapiro and Kristol push the same type of ‘conservatism’ that has kept us in Syria, catapulted the US into countless and endless middle eastern wars, changed our immigration policy in 1965 to mostly coming from the third-world, and supports the left in their attacks against true nationalists