Ben Garrison BANNED from White House Because a Powerful Jewish Organization Disapproved of Him.

“To find out who rules over you, find out who you can not criticize.”

This is an old quote that has frequently been attributed to Voltaire, yet most scholars say that Voltaire actually never said this.  Whoever did say this though was a very wise person, and many on the right are quickly beginning to realize who may have the real consolidated power in this country.

Ben Garrison, a political cartoonist who was instrumental in Donald Trump’s election was recently invited to the white house social media summit regarding censorship online.  That was until a very powerful Jewish organization who disapproved of Garrison got involved and the mainstream media signal boosted their objection.

The ADL who has smeared many conservative pundits, and who’s mission statement essentially states that their only goal is protect Israel and Jews from criticism, was one of the first organizations to label the cartoon attributed to Garrison ‘antisemitic.” And Garrison was reportedly banned for this very reason.

The cartoon depicts the Rothschilds family and George Soros as puppeteers controlling generals in government, likely referring to the powerful interests behind the military industrial complex.

An0maly, a popular YouTuber and Facebook personality illustrated the importance of the famous quote frequently attributed to Voltaire in a thread of tweets Wednesday about the recent blacklisting of Garrison.

The truth is that An0maly couldn’t be more correct.  Conservatives can criticize essentially any group of people, pointing out patterns of behavior as often as they wish, and still be in good-standing with their conservative peers. That is except for one group of people.  Jews.

Conservatives, particularly the baby-boomer Christian conservatives are usually the first ones to call someone ‘antisemitic’ for criticizing Jews even if what a person is saying is based in solid fact. In the talmud, which is the book that religious Jews put well above the old testament in importance, it claims that Jesus Christ is actually burning in hot feces in hell for his alleged ‘blasphemous’ action of claiming he was the messiah.  Does this matter to baby-boomer Christian conservatives? Nope.  Most of them will continue to regurgitate the supremacist lie that somehow Jews are ‘God’s chosen people.’  Even though this is an often misinterpretation of a quote in the bible that was actually referring to the seed of Abraham.

Does it matter to baby-boomer Christian conservatives that over 1,000 famous rabbis have demanded that the US take in millions of refugees while violently rejecting any immigration into their country? Nope. They don’t seem to care about this major hypocrisy and power over our government.

Do conservatives bat an eye when confronted with the fact that we give Israel about $10 million in taxpayer money every single day, and in return they steal our technology, sell our technology to China, steal US weapons grade uranium, attack US spy ships killing American soldiers, and feed us fake intelligence to push us into war with their enemies? Nope.  Not a care in the world.

Not to mention the fact that Israel building their second border wall while prominent Israeli figures demand that the US abolish ICE and open up our borders to the third world.

Yashar Ali, a left-wing activist posing as a ‘journalist,’ stated in a tweet that “the Rothschilds have been the subject of Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories for centuries,” while calling out Garrison on the cartoon attributed to him.

There are many on the left who are frequently unsuccessful in refuting certain arguments as the empirical evidence is frequently too vast, so often they resort to labels to shut down any arguments.  One of these labels is ‘antisemitic’ or ‘antisemitism.’

Regardless of the fact that people have talked about the Rothschilds’ power for centuries, calling someone ‘antisemitic’ is not an argument.

The fact is that well-documented history of the Rothschilds family and statements from famous Rothschilds themselves confirm most of these accusations entirely.

The fact that the ADL, AIPAC, the SPLC, and many other Jewish organizations have complete control over who gets to attend a social media summit or who is socially acceptable is treason of the highest form.  Especially considering most of the organizations should have been registered under FARA  a long time ago but haven’t been because of lobbyists and big money interests that control Washington DC.

A great example of this would be the fact that ex-AIPAC employees like Steve Rosen have often admitted their powerful control over our congress and senate. Rosen once admitted on the record that he could have the signature of 70 senators on a blank cocktail napkin if he wanted to.

Former members of congress have admitted this openly as well.

Jim Moran who served from 1991 to 2015 chimed in about his time in congress in a banned documentary that leaked last year.  “Any member of congress is expected to fill out a questionnaire, they evaluate the depth of your commitment to Israel,” Moran admitted, if you have AIPAC’s support, then more often than not you’re going to win.” 

The ADL is one of the most, if not the most powerful Jewish organization in the United States.  Frequently they are tapped to head up racial bias training for many corporations in the country including most recently for Starbucks after two black men were kicked out for not ordering anything.

The most concerning part about the ADL having so much control over our politics is the fact that they also seem to have control over all digital conversations about politics via social media. They do this through their ‘Online Hate Index’ technology that many social media companies have reportedly instituted into their main content policing algorithms.

The Online Hate Index (OHI), a joint initiative of ADL’s Center for Technology and Society and UC Berkeley’s D-Lab, is designed to transform human understanding of hate speech via machine learning into a scalable tool that can be deployed on internet content to discover the scope and spread of online hate speech. Through a constantly-evolving process of machine learning, based on a protocol developed by a team of human coders as to what does and does not constitute hate speech, this tool will uncover and identify trends and patterns in hate speech across different online platforms, allowing us to push for the changes necessary to ensure that online communities are safe and inclusive spaces. We have completed the first phase of the process in making this a reality, and are eager to advance the project. Critically, the tool is able to identify individual instances of hateful and abusive speech, helping solve a problem that has been inadequately addressed through reliance on platform users to report instances of abuse and violations of terms of service agreements.

It is also not that big of a surprise that Donald Trump made the decision to ban Garrison from the summit either.  Trump’s top donors are Ronald Lauder and Sheldon Adelson.

Adelson is an Israeli billionaire who has openly admitted that he is an Israel-First zionist. The same goes for his Israel advice: Trump, according to reports, takes calls on the issue from Sheldon Adelson, the casino magnate, and Ronald Lauder, the cosmetics heir and the president of the World Jewish Congress. Both are major supporters of Jewish and pro-Israel causes.