Based Stickman Back At It Again! – ‘Cucks’ Attempt To Run Up On Kyle, Quickly Regret It

Kyle Chapman, also known as ‘Based Stickman,” was strolling through MLK Park in Berkeley, CA, while filming a promo video for the upcoming ‘Free speech Trump rally,’ on April 15th.

During a break in filming, he was confronted by several, presumably anti Trump ‘thugs,’ who followed him, harassing him as he attempted to walk away.  One man, in a green hoodie and sunglasses approached Chapman, threatening him. Chapman quickly defended himself as he saw that the group would not cease to harass him.

Chapman, Rich Black and others who organized the upcoming rally,  expect to draw hundreds, if not thousands of Trump supporters from all over America.  We here at The Red Elephants have received countless messages regarding the particular rally as well.  Lauren Southern and a few other prominent conservatives are expected to speak at the rally this weekend.

If this video, and previous occurrences at rallies and conservative events at Berkeley are the ‘norm,’ we should expect the April rally to be no different and possibly worse.

For details on the wall – click here.