‘Take Berkeley Back’ Trump Rally Set For April 15th

Come Help Defend America

The ‘Alt Knight’ is back at it again.  After the now infamous Kyle Chapman was arrested for defending Trump supporters being attacked at the March 4th Trump rally in Berkeley, California, while the police did nothing, organizers are now hosting a gigantic ‘Freedom Rally’ on April 15th.  The official event page you can find here has all the details.

The events that took place at the Huntington Beach Rally Saturday is proof that with strength in numbers, Trump supporters can gather together and ward off any violent agressors that decide to attempt to attack or dismantle the movement.

Rich Black, the organizer of the previous March 4th rally in Berkeley, and the main event organizer of this upcoming “Return to Berkeley” event, explains the goal and the mission of this rally on the Event Page:

“My name is Rich Black and I was the organizer of the March On Berkeley. I wanted to let you all know that the rumors are true and after many requests, we have decided to organize a Return to Berkeley on April 15th. This movement is grassroots and funded by you, the people. Help us make it happen again. Join your fellow Patriots in victory when we go back to express our rights and our love for our President.

Donald Trump said we would Make America Great Again, and that includes Berkeley. What you saw on March 4th were ordinary citizens demanding their voices be heard. We are pleased to announce a partnership with WESEARCHR to make this happen. Every dollar donated over the minimum bounty brings us closer to the option of having speakers for our event and to continue to bring this fight to the left!”

The organizers are also in need of funding for the event by you, the people. And they invite every single one of you out to help keep Trump supporters safe and to stand up against the vile, violent leftist bullies.

Black explains:

This Bounty provides funds for the organizer to dedicate 100 percent of his time to the development and plans for this event. In addition, this money will be used to help with travel funds for ‘Berkeley Heroes,’ and equipment necessary for the next event.

Please donate to the cause here, whatever you can. And be sure to make it out there!