‘Based Spartan’ EXPOSED – Defects To Other Side

Et Tu Brute?

SAN BERNADINO – As conservatives gathered nationwide, to march against political Islam and Sharia Law, in San Bernadino, a turn-coat was born.

Pat Washington, otherwise known as ‘based spartan,’ spontaneously defected to the other side of things and joined the Antifa counter protesters on the opposite side of the street.

Many people across the net tuned in live on the internet to watch the nationwide marches.  Scuffles, fights and arguments broke out, but this incident in Southern California, stood out above the rest.

A once alt-right icon that made his debut at the battle for Berkeley on April 15th, quickly turned into one of the most cringeworthy internet memes.

With quotes from the gathering like ‘I’m all about love’ and ‘they (Trump supporters) are all about division,’ people quickly turned to twitter and Facebook to call out his hypocrisy.  Including us.

Here is a jump cut video we created, showing side by side the most contradicting statements by Washington from then and now.  Hope you can make it all the way through…