Barriers in Edinburgh Are Branded With “Diversity Is Strength?” Stencil By Indentitarian Group

Is Diversity Strength?

For all of you who haven’t been living under a rock, you may have noticed a strong intent by the media, hollywood and academia to force whites into a minority status in pretty much all white countries, including America. If you don’t believe me, watch this…

You also may have noticed that many European countries, instead of worrying about things like which decorations color coordinate with the scenery while celebrating Christmas, they’re worrying about things like which strategic positions to set up their anti-terror barriers.

There are quite a bit of people that have buried their head in the proverbial sand and truly believe that this is for the ‘greater good.’ They disregard all of the death, destruction and horror that is invited with this forced diversity and quasi-genocide. These types of people are the ones that typically wake up in the morning and say “well at least I’m not racist.”

Some people just aren’t falling for it though…

Identity Britannia, an identitarian group much like ‘Identity Evropa,’ doesn’t particularly care if they’re called racist though. They are ‘hell-bent on doing anything it takes to preserve the culture, sovereignty and world that they have built in their own countries. And this is a good thing.

On a few ‘anti-terror’ barriers in Edinburgh, the group stenciled on the phrase “Diversity is strength?” to remind people to think about what exactly they’re looking at. An intelligent attempt to wake up ‘normies’ passing by who haven’t a care in the world. To make them aware that something is coming, and that ‘something’ doesn’t care if you’re not ‘racist.’

Many may be wondering is there any hope for Europe at all? ย Is there a safe haven? Well, there is some hope, but only stunts like this continue to happen and there is a mass rise up amongst the ‘normie’ population in Europe amongst those who still love their respective countries and cultures.

Poland would be a good example. ย The Polish government has taken sanction after sanction as they reject the EU’s refugee policies and today they are better off for it. ย Instead of worrying where they need to place barriers at Christmas time, they’re wondering which actor would be most believable to the children to play Santa Claus.