Utah Calls for Non-Citizens to Become Cops

America does not belong to its founding stock.

Because of the original sin of racism, White Americans are forced to give up their countries to all non-whites, from blacks to newly-arriving immigrants.

This is the way in the multi-culti open air prison we live in.

And it only gets worse after every passing day.

Just look at what the good folks at Infowars are reporting on.

Legislation that would allow non-citizens to join law enforcement bodies across the state is now on the Utah’s governor’s desk.

S.B. 102 was introduced by Rep. Paul Ray (R-District 13) and Sen. Karen Mayne (D-District 5), further demonstrating the toxicity of bipartisanship.

Per S.B. 102, the bill lets legal residents of the U.S., who have resided in the country for the last five years and are legally allowed to work in the country, be enrolled in officer training programs.

Ray is off the opinion that this bill will solve hiring challenges. “In talking to chiefs, this would really help relieve the stress that they have on hiring people,” commented Ray.

No foreign worker recruitment campaign is complete without “diversity” rationales.

Rosie Rivera, the Sheriff of Salt Lake County, observed that this bill would bring diversity to police departments during a time when recruitment is difficult. Indeed, police forces are taking a beating right now due to the anti-police mania taking place nationwide

Though one has to wonder if elites are pushing anti-police sentiment as a way to scare off white police officers in the force and bring in foreigners to provide enforcement muscle. Let’s be honest, multiculturalism won’t enforce itself and will need some form of coercion in order to be fully implemented.

Let’s be real, White American soldiers and law enforcement would still have qualms about enforcing unconstitutional gun control laws. Foreigners, on the other hand, have no attachment to the land and tend to be more left-leaning as a whole. If ordered to enforce gun control, they will do so without hesitation.

We’ve already seen this episode play out before in world history. Just look at Ancient Rome, folks. They brought in barbarians as mercenaries and look what ended up happening  — the barbarians broke past the gates and sacked Rome. The fact a red state like Utah is entertaining this legislation to diversify its police force shows how embedded the prevailing anti-White ideology is. Even Republican states aren’t immune from this pathology.

Undoubtedly, the Left will try to stack law enforcement and the military with legal and illegal aliens to create a new occupation force. To destroy White America and usher in the era of globohomo, all repressive mechanisms of the state will likely be staffed by foreigners so as to accelerate this process of dispossession.

In this case, the Left’s play is clear as day. We must act immediately to ensure that our law enforcement is well-funded and not composed of foreign automatons who will blindly obey all of the globohomo state’s commands.