Authorities Withhold Motive in Gruesome Cemetery Murder of Elderly Couple

A married couple from Maryland ages 85 and 86, visiting the grave of their son who died of cerebral palsy, were victims of a deadly shooting at a veterans cemetery in Delaware mid Friday. The couple would have celebrated their 62nd anniversary this year.

The deceased suspect, Sheldon Francis, aged 29, arrived at the cemetery in his Honda early Friday morning before shooting both of the victims, fleeing into a nearby wooded area and engaging in a shootout with police.

“Paul Jr. and Ray have so many questions about how and why their parents were gunned down, but, knowing that this was a random act of violence, they have resigned themselves to the fact that some answers will never come.

“I’ve been trying to figure all this out in my head, but there are some things we are just never going to know,” Ray said.

Delaware State Police officials identified Sheldon C. Francis, 29, of Middletown, Del., as the gunman who inexplicably ended the lives of Paul and Lidia Marino. But as of Thursday, investigators had not released a motive.” –CecilDaily

Elderly couple Assassinated in Cemetery — Reports Suggest Revenge For Ahmaud Arbery, Shooting May Have Been Racially Motivated 

As previously reported: Our research team searched the internet for Sheldon Francis’ social media presence but it has all been completely erased. Multiple publications did however report that Sheldon Francis had social media posts suggesting “he was particularly troubled by the killing of Ahmaud Arbery”. These claims, if accurate, propose a motive of racial animosity and revenge, fueled by widely circulated, irresponsible reporting surrounding the Ahmed Arbery incident in Georgia. authorities are now exploring whether the cemetery shooting may have been racially motivated.”

Our source close to the situation told us: He’s 29. And no connection (to the victims) at all. He was wearing a black hoodie black pants, black mask, hood up, black gloves, black boots.”

Another witness on the scene “noticed the black Honda sitting there, Shooter inside. When he got back, the victims had pulled up behind the black Honda and mr was helping Mrs out of the car and down the path.” 

So he really did hunt them. They were the only 2 visitors”. “That columbarium is the closest structure to the woods. And look closely at the whole set up. His car was 1/4 of the distance to him than the woods. Why not just leave? He wasn’t trying to get away. He knew what he was doing.”

While Americans are bombarded with a racially charged narrative of black on white crime, a “hunting” of Ahmaud Arbery, crimes such as that of the hunting of the Marino couple in the veterans cemetery are memory-holed. With no motive seemingly convenient enough to release, we suspect this story to be pushed aside as it isn’t the sort of thing to garner weeks of national prime-time television coverage.

We have our suspicions of motive, but authorities would much rather us believe this to be “random” as opposed to a calculated hate-crime.