Assange Issues THIS WARNING to CNN…

Not too long ago, CNN literally verbally complimented Assange for the WikiLeaks exposure of the Iraq war under the bush administration. Now the left, CNN, msnbc and the rest of the liberal mainstream media are singing a different tune, defaming Wikileaks because his leaks are now on the contrary to their narrative.

During this past election, CNN has aired the most bizarre, far left and sometimes drunken contributors, spreading the most insane quasi-lennism we have ever heard from the network.  More recently, Don Lemon saying that the Chicago attackers who kidnapped and tortured an autistic man because he was white.  From them jumping and airing stories that later turned out to be hoaxes, their ratings have fallen more in the past year than any other major TV news outlet.

After their ridiculous attempts to defame Julian Assange, Assange has issued a major waring to CNN, and he has BIG TIME lawyers reportedly backing him up.


Phil Mudd, A CNN anchor recently called Julian Assange  “a pedophile” during a live broadcast Wednesday morning. CNN issued an apology after this happened claiming that the claim was false days later.  I can’t count the times I have heard personally CNN anchors complain of ‘fake news,’ while spreading truly fake news on their network, on TV almost every week it seems like.

So what do you say?  Would yo like to see Assange give CNN what they have long deserved and watch this ridiculous network go bankrupt?