Armed Black Lives Matter Members Show Up to Georgia Capitol to Protest Election Integrity Yet the Media Stays Silent

America is the land of double standards.During a time when white lives increasingly don’t matter to the ruling class, protected groups like blacks are free to run around and cause mayhem.

Hilariously, the corporate press lost its gourd following the January 6th event, which was tame in comparison to the Black Lives Matter rampage throughout 2020 that saw radical leftists burn American cities to a crisp. Nevertheless, the corporate media briskly described the events that took place in D.C. as an “armed insurrection” despite no one being armed.

As for a recent event at Georgia’s capitol, which involved armed Black Lives Matter members, total radio silence. These radical activists were strapped with rifles to boot, yet not a peep was made about the firearms they possessed or their overall intentions. This armed cohort of BLM activists were protesting Georgia’s election integrity law, which the Fake News press has labeled as “racist.”

Anyone with an IQ above 70 knows that such laws are sensible and have nothing to do with race. Leftists don’t care about the fact, and are misleadingly labeling the law as such to try to discredit the measure. In their ideal world, elections would be subject to massive fraud and irregularities.

According to John Hoft of Gateway Pundit, Georgia’s unhinged Democrat politicians went to great lengths to protest this bill. State Representative Park Cannon actually disrupted a live stream on March 25 when Georgia Governor Brian Kemp discussed the state’s new voter integrity law. She would later be arrested and charged for felony obstruction of law enforcement and a misdemeanor of disrupting the General Assembly.

However, the arrest did not stop Cannon from appearing again at the Georgia Capitol, but this time she upped the ante by bringing armed accomplices. Funny how the media did not even bother to cover this. If we’re being honest, the media’s obsession with armed whites shows their overall desires.Their anti-Second Amendment screeds are all about disarming law-abiding whites — the group that is most likely to arm themselves and handle firearms responsibility.

Everyone knows the score. Democrats want full-fledged election rigging as a way to stay in power. Coupled with mass migration, loose election standards will put Democrats in office for eternity. All of the wacky agenda items Democrats push have the logical conclusion of dispossessing whites. No questions asked. The fights we’re facing go beyond ideology and are all about blood.

The quicker we recognize this, the better.