ANTIFA Thugs ROCKED After Trying To Disrupt Rally In Huntington Beach

Another day, another Trump rally down in the books, streamed live from the fast growing Facebook page, The Red Elephants.  While fake news sources were trying their best to spin the events that unfolded at the rally today, Trump supporters were busy outputting raw footage of the real news, showing that once again, the radical violent 502841233_19037088_8colleftists and ANTIFA were the first aggressors.

It all started when one of the radical thugs sprayed a female Trump supporter in the face at point blank range, dropping her to the ground.  Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Trump supporters quickly retaliated, outnumbering the communists, and counterattacking the aggressors. One man, now dubbed “Based Elbow Man,” tackled the sprayer and pummeled, leaving him bloodied.

The victim of the mace attack was seemingly in unbearable pain, and as we have seen many times before the attack by the leftists was entirely unprovoked.  Another man’s wife, weighing just 100 pounds, was also maced.  He can also be seen retaliating, avenging his counterpart’s attack with a swift smack of his Trump flagpole to the protester’s head, knocking off the eagle emblem that was sitting atop his flagpole.

The ANTIFA member that used the mace against the two female Trump supporters was ultimately arrested by the Orange county Sheriff’s department. Depicted below you can see the Sheriff’s department’s attack dogs being ‘sicked’ on the leftists attempting to flee the scene after attacking Trump supporters.  The attacker is seen crying as the German Shepard attacks him, biting his foot.


The Red Elephants, one of the fastest growing pages on Facebook, captured this all live as it unfolded.  The backstory behind the group, made up of several writers, editors and contributors, is one of red blooded American patriotism.  They describe themselves as a group that is bound to force the conservative movement to become more organized than the left, fighting at the local political level first to build a foundation, and then focusing in on the national level and winning general elections.

We are a conservative group sick and tired of political correctness metastasizing in society and destroying every facet of original humanity we have left.  We’re here to administer the vaccine of knowledge before the epidemic of liberal PC overruns our poor country and world.  We are Here for freedom. We are here to hone in on the key word of liberty.  We are not described as right wing politically, we are described as federalists politically as we base our entire belief and lives upon the constitution of the United States. We are constitutionalists.

Aside from the fights and turmoil that broke out at the rally today, many positive things happened.  Many peaceful prideful moments that would make any red blooded pure Americana patriot proud.  The highlights of many rallies and counter-protests you can find on their YouTube channel  and the action packed footage from today’s march at Huntington Beach, you can see in the video below.  Enjoy!