Trump Supporters Start Fighting Back; AntiFA Terrorists Seek New Means To Attack

If you are a Trump supporter, you probably have heard of AntiFA. They are the domestic terrorists responsible for recent rioting in Berkeley, CA, as well as violent clashes with Trump supporters at rallies across the country. Their masked faces and hypocritical fascist tactics to shut down free speech are all too common fixtures at conservative or pro-Trump events.

Their recent riot at U. C. Berkeley College that forced the cancellation of a Milo Yiannopoulis speaking event seemed to be a trigger point for the group to engage in increased forms of violence to shut down events that they deem “fascist”, and for them, that is anything pro-Trump.

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The group is a loosely affiliated alliance of militant leftist groups such as B.A.M.N. and other “Anti-Fascist” Action groups that stem from Trotskyist groups in Europe. Trotskyists live by the idea that socialism should be imposed throughout the world by continuing revolution. With the candidacy of openly socialist Bernie Sanders, these groups were emboldened in the past year, and have now set their targets on the presidency, and SUPPORTERS, of one Donald J. Trump.

Recent clashes with Trump supporters have not gone well for AntiFA. Fed up with their violence at rallies, Trump supporters have responded with counter attacks, and citizen’s arrests. Recent viral videos show frightened and cowering AntiFA “thugs” being hauled off by law enforcement to the cheers of the Trump supporting crowd. Their ability to wreak havoc on public events is currently being undermined by prepared patriots and pro-active law enforcement.


A review of AntiFA blogs and news sites for this article suggests, however, that AntiFA may be changing their tactics from merely attacking groups of supporters at rallies, and moving into the organized “hit squad” business. A Chicago AntiFA blog post bragged about AntiFA members this week finding a “known fascist” and beating him with pool cues until he required hospitalization. DC AntiFA blogs heaped praised on a recent assault of Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute which included a punch in the face. AntiFA groupies across the country are posting #PunchNazisInTheFace in praise of the DC assault.

The AntiFA authors are quick to point out that the targeted individuals are part of “pro-European” advocacy groups, and thus support “white supremacy” and so AntiFA are “justified” in attacking them. However, as we have seen in the past, these extreme leftist, communist or anarchist groups consider anyone who supports the president to also be a “fascist” and “white supremacist”. As long as these political terrorists feel they can get away with assault upon any one, they will only spread and increase their criminal aggression until they are willing to commit violence on everyone.


Recent petitions to have AntiFA and it’s affiliates designated as domestic terror groups have fell short, though the most successful on garnered 70,000 in two weeks.  Before publishing this article, I submitted the websites where crimes were alleged to the Chicago Police Department. Demanding action from the federal government and supporting local police with any possible evidence we may come across are both ways in which we concerned citizens can help address this leftist scourge of violence and radical socialism operating as AntiFA. Their recent increase in violence, and in their boasting about it on social media suggests their actions will only grow more aggressive. It is up to us to get involved with local law enforcement if we as Trump supporters have any interactions with AntiFA, or have anything that may help law enforcement or secret service. We also must continue and renew our call for their proper designation as a domestic terror group.

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As for those rallies, patriots planning to attend the April 15th March for Trump rally in Berkeley, CA were known to be packing their riot gear, and mace, in preparation for the clash as the local AntiFA group has scheduled a counter-protest and cookout at the same park.

It seems you can’t have a cookout without the scourge of “ants”.