WATCH: Antifa Member Thinks The “Kek” Flag Is The KKK Flag

The Left Cant Meme Bro!

I never thought that all the trolling by the right on 4chan, /pol/ and the vast inter-webs, really had any effect on the left until today.  If the countless memes we have seen about how /pol/ trolled the left into believing that the ‘ok’ sign meant white power, or the attempts at coercing the vapid liberals into believing that the two-finger peace sign meant ‘two genders,’ wasn’t enough, we have way more in store for you.

The generation Z trolls are back at it again, trolling their way to annoying the left and making them honestly believe that the Kek flag is the ‘KKK.’

The police weren’t allowing masks at the event today in New Orleans, but it didn’t matter.  We met up with an admitted Antifa member and asked him to denounce the violence by the group that he associates with.  Not only did he absolutely refuse to denounce his group’s violence, but he was absolutely convinced that a couple of kids holding a Kek flag were the actual Klu Klux Klan.