Antifa Member Who Attacked Baked Alaska Close To Being Identified By 4Chan

The ‘Autists’ Are On Our Side

Thanks to the weaponized autism at 4chan /pol/ the man who attacked Tim Gionet (Baked Alaska) by spraying him in the face with a substance that doctors call ‘unknown chemicals,’ is close to being identified.

4chan’s /pol/ section which stands for politically incorrect on their message board is mostly a mixture of ‘on-the-spectrum’ internet trolls that have also developed their own facial recognition system which hs helped identify and doxx many members of the group Antifa.  This includes high profile members that have committed attacks like Eric Clanton when he attacked Sean Stiles with a steel bike lock in Berkeley.

With the help of the like of /pol/ and photographer ShutterShot45, Eric Clanton was identified by authorities and has been visiting the Alameda county courthouse on various occasions for hearings.  Hopefully Clanton will eventually be brought to justice and imprisoned for 20 years.

Well /pol/ is back at it again.  They are onto another obsession.  The attacker of Baked Alaska which left him with possible permanent visual impairment and certain permanent eye damage.  The mysterious man in the blue long-sleeve shirt and sunglasses has made a major mistake in not wearing a mask.  Even though the mask didnt help Clanton either.

People at /pol/ have compiled a lengthy collection of pictures, videos and eye witness accounts of the attack.  The man in the blue long-sleeve shirt and sunglasses have also been caught on several videos approaching Gionet, raising his right arm, spraying a substance in the face of Gionet and then leaving quickly disappearing into the crowd. Watch treble sleeve on the right side of the screen in this video.


They’re not only using his face to identify him, but they’re also using connection with other attendees at the event.  For instance they have noticed that throughout the event that the mystery attacker was seen on several occasions next to already doxxed Beth Graves.

The suspect was also seen as on of the first at the scene of the dodge hotting the group of protesters.  And then on many other occasions throughout the day.  From all the views of the attack it appears that the suspect was awaiting Gionet’s arrival and that it was a targeted attack.