Alleged Antifa Handbook Found On Evergreen College Campus

The Second Coming Of The Communist Manifesto, Or Another Troll Attempt?

You may have seen it and you may have not however the alleged leaked Antifa ‘handbook’ has been reported to be found on the campus of Evergreen state college.  It would make sense given that the cultural marxism seems to fester and metastasize on that particular campus, especially over the past 12 months.

The person that claims to have located this remains anonymous however it was first posted on 4chan’s politically incorrect section famously known as /pol./ It was posted by an anonymous account as well on the board and the comments from that thread seem to point towards the manual being authentic.

For those of you who have no idea who Antifa is, here’s of compilation of their actions from the past 18 months…

The manual does seem to look authentic though. The coffee stain on the front cover, most likely from a carmel macchiato from the local Starbucks, doesn’t appear to be a staged or planted feature.  Or is it? Perhaps it was left by the guy who found the handbook? If this was the case it would likely be from a thermos on his way to work, of course because people who aren’t indoctrinated by marxism and filled with white guilt tend to have better jobs than the former.

I digress…

The handbook itself lays out many different plans for the takeover of the evil capitalist system they believe we live under and the defeat of the populist and nationalist movements via control and praise of the media.  Is this handbook that was supposedly found on one of the most controversial college campuses different from the one that’s being sold on Amazon right now?


Again, none of this can be confirmed but I thought you all might like to see it given that the best way to counter a particular ideology that you believe is a threat to the country is to let it out in the open freely.  Here is the handbook from front cover to back cover.