Antifa Force Driver to Hold Fist Up Saying “Black Lives Matter” — Still Smash His Truck Windows


Video has emerged of Antifa forcing a driver and his passenger to recite “Black Lives Matter” while holding his fist in the air. The Black Lives Matter activist can be heard demanding from the passenger “Say f*cking black lives matter right now”. Once the passenger had said “black lives matter” the activists then allowed the truck to pass saying “let him go”.

The truck was eventually vandalized by the rioting mob of black lives matter & Antifa even after the driver and his passenger recited the left wing gospel of “Black Lives Matter”

We are beginning to see these mobs of rioting thugs descend into suburbs and upon restaurants where they demand families, and patrons to recite the three magical words. Typically, if the individuals who are asked to say “Black Lives Matter” do not say “Black Lives Matter”, they are harassed, assaulted and posted to social media.