College Professor Has Been Identified In The Brutal Attack

The identity of the AntiFa communist, who is internet infamous for the brutal attack on a Trump supporter in Berkeley this past weekend, has finally been revealed by the weaponized autism of /pol/.  These particular American heroes have a mantra of “no one is out of our reach,” and today this has proven to be true.  Eric Clanton, a former San Francisco State University Professor, has been identified as the attacker. His life is all uphill from here.  He currently teaches at Diablo Valley College.

Here is video footage by YouTuber Shuttershot45, of the worst attack by Clanton.  This video shows him throwing full force and point blank, a steel bike lock directly at a peaceful Trump supporter’s head.  This attack led to a trip to the emergency room with a concussion and several stitches to the head for the poor victim.

Thanks to amazing people at places like 4chan – /pol/ Trump supporters will always have underground detectives looking out for them while the mainstream media makes sure violent communists like ‘moldy locks,’ are able to start Go Fund Me pages and get away with throwing glass bottles at innocent people.

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