Antifa Attacks Man With Skateboard — Gets Shot In Self Defense

Antifa and Black Lives matter activists in New Mexico were attempting to tear down another historical American monument when a group of rioters began attacking another man in the crowd. One of the Antifa rioters can be heard yelling “he’s going to f*cking kill you” as the group attacked the individual before he pulled out his weapon and shot.


The man got away at one point and was walking away down the street as the rioters caught up, swarming him, and continuing to beat him.  The man then decided to himself by firing his gun at one of them, hitting one of the rioters.  A nearby militia circled the man who fired and defended him from the mob until the police arrive.

Once police arrived on the scene, a video show them arresting and disarming every militia member as well as the man defending himself. Zero of the rioters attacking the man and tearing down the monument were arrested or charged.