Antifa Attacks Liberal Journalist – Wraps Him In Banner And Steals His Phone

Antifa Attacks One Of Their Own

On Saturday August 26, 2017 in the City of San Francisco ANTIFA is out in full force, “Counter Protesting” an imaginary Nazi rally? There was an event scheduled called ‘Patriots Prayer’ but at the last minute was canceled due to safety concerns by the event organizers.

Nathan Stolpman or known on YouTube and Twitter as ‘Lift the Veil’ is a liberal / Alt-Left journalist and Conspiracy Theorist that suffers from a range of mental illness. On his channel he is not shy about his mental illness or his political views, although he is not very political in nature. He goes to these types of events just to cover them, to provide content for his channel on YouTube. I’ll admit he is mostly neutral while covering these types of political events.

You can see on many other YouTube channels covering the day’s events; Nathan wondering around by himself wearing a bright royal blue polo shirt just filming what is going on around him.

Members of ANTIFA confronted Nathan ordering him to stop filming. He assumed ANTIFA would uphold the first amendment as he tells them “I’m Press, don’t tell me what I can or cannot film”. Then the usual ANTIFA, F**K You, Get the F**k out of here Nazi type of responses ensue. As Nathan continues up the street a group begins to follow as he describes what is going on.

One of the members of the ANTIFA group that has been following him calls him a ‘Nazi’ and asks “Why are you wearing a polo”. Nathan’s response is “I wore a bright blue polo so I don’t look like I’m on either side.” ANTIFA then informs him “Polo’s are Nazi, Polo’s are for the other side”. Nathan flabbergasted that his own people are calling him a Nazi all because he’s wearing a polo shirt and let’s not leave out the fact he’s White.

So now the definition of what a ‘Nazi’ is has broadened so much that from ‘Every White American is a Nazi’ to ‘Polo Shirts are Nazi attire’. Does it ever end? Is there a limit on what a Nazi really is? Not in the Left’s eyes. A Nazi is what they say a Nazi is and if you disagree with them, then you’re a Nazi and shall be attacked with violence. Back to Nathan..

While Nathan tries to explain he’s just a journalist, that he hates the right as much as they do, that he’s one of them. That only seemed to piss them off and gather a larger crowd. As the crowed tripled in size all the focus is on Nathan, following him down the street and surrounding him, calling him a Nazi, telling other to join in to attack this Nazi.

A group of ANTIFA’s banner squad surrounds him with their banner, holding him against his will, which is a crime. California Penal code §236 – “False imprisonment is the unlawful violation of the personal liberty of another.” and could even construed as kidnapping per CA PC §207. Either way you look at it, he was held against his will, his freedoms and liberty were violated; he had no idea what was going to happen to him. You could clearly see he was shaken. A reasonable person would be in fear for their life. If he were to have a CCW, this could have ended in a tragedy. While they held him against his will, another from ANTIFA steals his phone. Does this sound like Fascists or Anti-Fascists?

Nathan unable to do anything starts explaining to the mob once again he’s is one of them. He is just filming. That he’s “not a Nazi and loves everyone including the gays”. WHOOPS, goes ANTIFA.

ANTIFA members began to apologize to him, telling him “they had to do what they had to do” “We’re so sorry, we didn’t know. But you understand why we had to do what we did? We want to be safe, we want to stay safe”.

So ANTIFA admits they messed up, they attacked one of their own, and stole his expensive phone. That they use offensive violence as a means of peacekeeping. Meaning its okay to attack first before a threat is valid in the name of keeping the peace. All because they assumed a White guy wearing a bright royal blue polo shirt with a camera is a Nazi. Give me a break.