YouTube Banned this Video: The Anti-White Propaganda of The Movie ‘Bird Box’

Anti-White Propaganda Exposed in Popular Netflix Movie ‘Bird Box’

Hollywood propaganda is becoming more and more blatant. At the beginning of 2018 we witnessed a bit of an uproar about the absolute overt anti-white storyline of ‘The First Purge,” and to end the 2018 year we’re seeing it even more often. The First Purge movie spawned thousands of anti-white tweets following people seeing the movie for the first time, with many others expressing their disdain for the movie. But the Bird Box producers evidently perfected their propaganda skills a tad bit better.

The latest piece is the covert and sometimes overt anti-white propaganda of the new popular movie called the “Bird Box.”  Devin Stack of Blackpilled breaks it down perfectly for us here.  Youtube recently banned this video for “deceptive practices,” so obviously Devon Stack of Blackpilled is hitting the right nails….

You can watch it here on Bitchute: