Angry Citizens Destroy 5G Cell Towers Amid Concerns of Radiation

Concerns raised over the new 5G cell towers being raised all over the world have left some citizens to take matters into their own hands. Many 5G cell towers are being taken down manually amid radiation & privacy concerns some citizens say outweigh the benefit of the new 5G network.

A video posted to Twitter shows a man documenting what he says to be the dangerous side effects of the mysterious radio towers. It shows a radiation meter hitting it’s maximum setting as he approaches the tower in Bristol, England.

Videos like the one above have left little doubt to many that the 5G towers are being erected in populated areas and causing many damaging side effects. Citizens have begun revolting against the 5G cell towers and destroying them themselves.

Hong Kong protestors took down a 5G cell tower as well, claiming it was being used as Chinese surveillance.

Many citizens are not excited about the technology and continue to claim the radiation damages foliage, wildlife and even human life.

If you see any more examples of citizens destroying these towers, or examples of the harmful side effects of 5G. Please email us.