America First Patriots Destroy “Mysterious Monolith” In California — Replace it With the Cross of Jesus Christ

A group of America First patriots in California took to the California hills to seek & destroy the annoying “mysterious monoliths” that keep popping up on everyones news feeds. The group destroyed the monolith while chanting “Christ is king”, before replacing the monolith with the Cross of Christ. 

When these patriots took down the monolith, it was revealed that it was in no way related to “aliens” as many atheists and pot-heads alleged, but rather, it was a poorly constructed wooden post encapsulated in three sheets of metal and bolted to the ground. 

The monoliths are a dumb distraction that could be some kind off guerrilla advertisement for some new Netflix original series where aliens touch down and the world is shocked, or something. Regardless of their purpose, these monoliths are nothing more than an opportunity to spread the good word, by removing them and replacing them with crosses, in the month of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.