Organizer Of ‘Alt-Right’ Rally Speaks “Virginia’s Governor Has Blood On His Hands”

Rally Shut Down Before It Began Causing Havoc In The Streets

Jason Kessler, the organizer of the rally in Charlottesville, VA speaks to Vincent James of The Red Elephants in the aftermath of the rally that broke national headlines.

Kessler highlighted in the conversation that the permit for the rally was reinstated by a federal judge after officials in Virginia tried to revoke it.  Kessler says that even the ACLU backed them in getting the permit resinated as he worked for months to  organize this with rally with the Virginia government.

Kessler says that if their demonstration was allowed to go on inside the park they had a permit in, there wouldn’t have been people clashing in the streets.  He also added that if the Charlottesville police had done the job that they stated they would do in separating the two sides and allowing their right to free assembly to happen, no one would have gotten hurt.

“The Charlottesville police didn’t even show up until after the rally was shut down by Virginia state police.”  We will be filing a class action lawsuit.